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Flash Dryers :

Flash Dryers are characterized by short residence time of few seconds. Hence, great care needs to be taken in dispersion of the feed in the drying air, which is generally in the form of cake so that true surface water gets evaporated form the feed . Otherwise, the larger particles in the feed material may require longer drying time than the smaller ones in order to reach the desired moisture content. Flash dryers are used for drying a wide range of products. It can be used to dry both organic and inorganic chemicals. However, inherently there are few limitations in the flash drying concept and experts like us provide best solutions to this family of drying systems. Unique Features. Produces free flowing powders in agglomerated or granulated form. Produces powders having a very low content of small particles (dustless). Dries many thermoplastic and hygroscopic products that are problematic in other designs. Ideal for heat sensitive products as particle temperatures are kept low throughout the drying process. Drying is completed at low outlet drying temperatures, giving high energy utilization efficiencies. High drying efficiency and low energy costs. Direct drying with no initial diluting. Continuous processing with short drying time. Low operator overheads and minimum maintenance costs. Pressure shock-resistant chamber for safe drying of organic products. Available in GMP design. Application Agrochemicals. Ceramics. Food and feed products. Organic chemicals. Pharmaceuticals. Pigments and dyestuffs. Pigments and dyestuffs. Waste products. See More-



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