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Vibrated Fluid Bed Dryers:

Vibratory Fluidized Bed (VFB) is another type of fluidized bed where the mechanical vibration, enhance the performance of fluidization process. Since the first discovery of vibratory fluidized bed, its vibration properties proves to be more efficient in dealing with fine particles which appears to be very difficult to achieve with normal fluidized bed. Even though numerous publications and its popularity in industrial applications, the knowledge about vibratory dynamics and properties are very limited. Future research and development are needed to further improve this technology to bring it to another level. Standard type of vibratory fluidized dryer consist of vibrating tray conveyor where hot gases from the chamber will flow through the holes within the tray and come in contact with the materials to be dried. The tray area is big enough to tolerate constant flow of material through the bed and passed along the deck with a low depth on the tray. The vibrations to the deck are directed in vertical component to assist in fluidization of the material whereas the horizontal component of the vibration, support in transporting materials along the tray. Some of the advantages of vibratory fluidized beds include: Continuous drying throughout the unit. Handle products with a wide range of particle size and shape. Minimal fluidization velocity and pressure drop due to the vibration energy being transferred along the bed. Increase efficiency of gas to solid contact. Mechanical vibration enhances homogeneity and stability of fluidized bed layers. Easier to control the residence time distribution of processed material by manipulating the intensity of amplitude and frequency of vibration. Limitations of vibratory fluidized bed are as follow The inlet air temperature to the dryer process is limited. Climate condition can affect the unit’s thermal efficiency. Build-up of local expansion region lead to unstable behavior to the bed structure



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