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Batch Type Fluid Bed Dryer processing includes Drying as well as granulation, agglomeration and coating of particulate materials. Batch Type Fluid Bed Dryer is designed to uniform drying of the material at low temperature and is ideal for a wide range of both heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive products for low moist powder. In case of Fluid Bed Dryer coater cum granulator, agglomeration and granulation may be performed in a number of ways depending upon the feed to be processed and the product properties to be achieved. Fluid Bed Dryer coating of powders, granules involves the spraying of a liquid on the fluidised powder under strictly controlled conditions. We offer fluid bed drying system made up of S.S.304 / S.S. 316 with GMP standards. The complete unit is supplied with suitable motor, blower, filters, filter bag, & control panel. Heating system will be provided as per customer requirement i.e. Steam / Electric Heating system and any other. Salient Features of Fluid Bed Dryer: Availabale capacity of Fluid Bed Dryer is 2.5 Kgs to 300 Kgs. Time, space, energy and labour saver Automatic shaking arrangement Safe earthing device with low voltage relay Design confirming to cGMP norms and its documentation Flame proof electrical PLC for automation and control Single piece construction with modular type design HEPA Filtration system Dehumidification of inlet air Solid Particle Flow Monitor Sampling port on product container APPLICATIONS OF FLUID BED DRYER Fluid Bed dryers have universal applications like: Chemical Industry Pharmaceuticals Industry Bio-Chemicals Industry Polymer Industry Food and Dairy Products Industry