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Spray Dryer Manufacturer
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Spray Drying Plant is a method of producing a dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas. This is the preferred method of drying of many thermally-sensitive materials such as foods and pharmaceuticals.
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As an industry leader for manufacturing Rotary Dryers and thermal processing equipment. A Rotary Drum Dryer is ideal for: potash, sludges, ores, etc
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Flash Drying with our industrial flash dryer systems. Quick flash drying of high moisture materials. Rugged industrial flash dryers designed for your needs.
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A coating applicator is disclosed which includes a Rotary Atomizer on a driven shaft. The shaft operates at high speeds. Coating material is supplied to the Rotary Atomizer. A pair of spaced bearings rotatably mount the shaft and a seal assembly is positioned between the Rotary Atomizer and the front bearing. The seal assembly includes a bearing cover having a cutting edge. A mating cap member surrounds the shaft and has a sealing shoulder which is engaged by the cutting edge. Exhaust air is used to cool the bearings, pressure the interior of the applicator and enhance the seal assembly. The formation of sprays having the required droplet size distribution is vital to any successful spray dryer operation so that powder specifications can be met. Atomization is a high technology area where We has played a central role in the development and use of various nozzles and Rotary Atomizer in spray drying. We has mastered the manufacturing of atomizers for almost all products viz. dyestuff, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, food products, optical whiteners, ceramics, detergents, etc.. The choice of atomizer depends upon the properties of the feed and the dried product specification. In cases where more than one atomizer type is suitable, the rotary atomizer is generally preferred due to its greater flexibility and ease of operation and handling of high feed rates without need for atomizer identical arrangements handling of abrasive feeds, no blockage problems, low pressure feed system, ease of droplet size control through wheel speed adjustment, optimization of particle size of dried material