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Dryer while mechanical dewatering of feed slurry is significantly less expensive than thermal drying, this process results in a paste of filer cake that cannot be spray dried and can be difficult to handle in other types of dryers. The Spin Flash dryer, as one option available for continuous powder production from pastes and filter cakes with out the need of grinding. The Spin Flash dryer was developed and introduced in 1970 and is widely used to produce a uniform powder on a continuous basis from highly viscous fluids, filter press wet cake, thick/cohesive paste, sludge, and semi hard lumps-lumpy materials etc. This equipment is ideally suited for such type of applications.
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Industrial Spray Dryer is a technique used to convert either solutions or free-flowing slurries, in to powder particles having specific characteristics. Spray drying is the process of contacting on atomized stream to be dried with a gas stream that is at a higher temperature than the liquid stream. The higher temperature of the gas stream causes evaporation of the liquid from the droplets, forming particles.There is a wide variety of spray dryer configurations, each insulated to a particular type of powder or feed consistency. Spray drying technology is widely applied system in the entire manufacturing industry. Intensive research and development during the last two decades has resulted in spray becoming a highly competitive means of drying a wide variety of products
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We introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of Spray Drying Plants for various products in different industries. Fabricated under the close surveillance of our expert professionals, these Spray Drying Plants deliver precise end results in detergent industries. Our range of Spray Drying Plants includes laboratory spray dryers, drying chambers, rotary atomizer, two fluid nozzles, pressure nozzles etc.
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We offer Forced Circulation Systems that is used for various applications related to crystal growth and mother liquor de-super saturation. The Forced Circulation Systems is provided with a specially designed liquid vapor separation area that avoids formation of an excessive amount of fines, which is highly detrimental to crystal growth.
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We are offering to our valued customers a quality range of Laboratory Spray Dryer (LSD-01). A peristaltic pump delivers liquid from the sample container to the 2 fluid nozzle mounted on the drying chamber. Compressed air from the inbuilt compressor is also supplied to the nozzle, resulting in atomization of the liquid into a fine spray. Air from the blower is heated by an electrical air heater and blown through the drying chamber. Due to the large surface area, drying is very rapid, resulting in a sharp drop in temperature. The dry powder particles are separated from the air in the cyclone separator and collected in the glass collection bottle. The exhaust air is directed through a flexible SS hose into the atmosphere. A bag filter can be provided for secondary powder collection. this Laboratory Spray Dryer product is more durable and compatible in nature and also demanded in domestic market. Customers can easily grabbed this product from market at pocket friendly price